Cordray's Mill Lumber Company, Your Dreams Are Our Creation


Cordrays Mill Lumber Company is unique within the Lumber industry.  We specialize in meeting each client’s needs with the ability to cultivate a dream into reality. This can be achieved easily because we are involved in every step of the process…from pulling the 1,000 year old Dead-Head Cypress tree out of the water to shipping it to its final home. Whether it’s in the form of 24″ wide, 21′ long planks to wrap beams or 7″ x 16′ tongue and groove flooring or crown moulding, customization is our specialty.  Founder, Robert Parmer Jr. is a Master Woodsman and hand selects each piece before shipment. You will not find a superior product in the market due to his knowledge and skill within the trade.

Cordrays Mill  specializes in Dead- Head Cypress, Dead-Head Pecky Cypress and Antique Heart Pine. Cordrays also carries Cherry, Ash, Juniper (also called Atlantic White Cedar) and Red and White Oak. The softer woods that they carry are New Growth Cypress, New Growth Pecky Cypress and Cedar.

A true sign of a pristine wood product is the length in which you can produce it. Cordrays Mill  takes great pride in producing long boards as a Company staple. We consider longer lengths to be standard within our production and do not pass on additional costs to our clients for anything under 12 feet. Because we control the entire production of each order, Cordrays Mill custom fits each and every board.

Cordrays Mill has its own design team that is under the direction of Designer, Hayley Carson Odom. She and her team work directly with clients, designers, architects, and builders to meet all their needs. With over 700,000 square feet of lumber in one of our two warehouses, we have an abundance of material to help custom fit your order. The design team readily enjoys the task of finding that “reclaimed wood with a gray tint that’s 12 inches wide” for a client. Hayley still laughs about the day Robert found her high in a pile of reclaimed lumber pulling on a board that Robert claims was about to bring the barn down…

Cordrays Mill offers a unique opportunity to clients who have placed an order. The Mill houses an old silo that was converted into a cabin.  The cabin is for use if a visit to see the wood being cut is desired.. or maybe for just a lazy day of fishing on the famous “Nochaway” Creek.  Past clients who have done this, love this aspect of our wood and the bragging rights that accompany it! Subject due to availablity..